Where to start? Consistency.

Where to start? Consistency.

Well, the world is changing. Cornavirus is spreading and forcing people to really re-evaluate what is important. Having an outlet for my thinking is an important part of me staying positive and healthy in times which are anything but positive and healthy.

I do think a lot. When I am driving and listening to podcasts, when I have moments of quiet during the day. I don’t have as much opportunity as I would like to really think deeply and engage with my own thoughts and feeling on a topic.

Future Self Journal

One practice that has really helped me, is the idea of Future Self Journaling. (How to Get the Most Out of Future Self Journaling)

Example Journal Entry
An example of an entry in my future self journal.

The practice of taking time to answer 6 simple questions or statements:

  1. My daily affirmation:
  2. Today I will focus on shifting my pattern of:
  3. I am grateful for:
  4. The person I am becoming will experience more:
  5. I have an opportunity to be my future self today when I:
  6. When I think about who I am becoming I feel:

These questions take about 10 minutes to answer but allow you the chance to really focus on changing a behaviour. I’ve changed several behaviours over the last year.


Last April I decided to focus on losing weight. I’m now nearly 3 stones lighter.

Last June I decided to stop drinking alcohol. I now don’t drink any alcohol.

The first week February I started to wake up on my alarm, and FSJ’ing. The second week in February I woke up 10 minutes before my original alarm and continued the FSJ’ing. The third Week in February I got up another 10 minutes earlier than my original alarm and starting doing LISS cardio. (Low Impact Solid State vs HIIT)

Along side that I logged every meal for 3 weeks straight in MyFitnessPal and staying in a consistent calorie deficit.

Consistency is Key 🔑

How do you develop consistency?

It’s actually pretty simple. Habit Chaining or Habit Stacking. Take something you already do. Waking up is a good example, we all have to do that.

Pick the simplest activity you can think of to do. For me it was just to not hit snooze and just get up.

do it once.

Then do it again the next day. Repeat for 1 week. I take the weekends off, but set the bar just a tiny bit higher the next week. So I set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier than last week, and have an activity to do – FSJ.

Some things to do:

  1. Make your first task immediate and easy (I write in my journal in our en-suite bathroom so I don’t wake my family)
  2. Prepare for it. (I leave my exercise clothes and journal in the en-suite bathroom the night before. I have a bottle of water and an energy drink at the bottom of the stairs. I have my trainers ready at the door.)

Oh no, I broke the chain 😱

Forget about it, no guilt. Straight back to it the next day. One mistake does not make you a bad person. Learn from it. Did you go to bed later then usual? Did you not set an easy task to do? Do you not minimise resistance? Did you not prepare properly?

Just do it

Try it. Stick with it. If you can consistently make yourself do things, you can control yourself. You control your thoughts, your actions. You give yourself power.

Why now?

In a world that is so inconsistent, your own consistency is even more important. In a world where everyday is blurring into one long day of home working, child care, and waiting, having the integrity to develop yourself is vital.

Do it for yourself. Be consistent.

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