What to do when it all feels too much?

What to do when it all feels too much?

Deadlines, changes, challenges, personal problems, self-esteem, self-worth, lack of control and communication problems.

What do you do when they run riot in your mind?

I often feel that I’m on a rollercoaster. A ride with massive highs and lows. Things that scare me and fill me with fear that I will ever be able to deal with them. Things I love and enjoy and really want to experience again and again.

How do I deal with these things? What can I do to cope?

Nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. That awful lesson, will end. Those difficult students, will leave. Being realistic with reality is the basis of survival, and fundamentally that is what sometimes needs to happen. You just need to make it through. When you feel like you are made of glass and everything around you is hard and painful, you just need to survive.

I remember those feelings, when the days were dark, the path wasn’t clear and I felt everything and everyone was out to get me (Note: Your feelings are not reality) I know those feelings of total isolation and despair. I also know that I came through those times. I am still here, I am (more or less) intact. I’ve survived 100% of my worst days, and this too shall pass.

The sun always rises, the night always ends.

Photo by Melvin Lai on Unsplash

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