The seasons of this blog

The seasons of this blog

If you look at the post frequency of this blog I always seem to make some wildly deep and introspective posts in March and April each year. Why is this?

Is it the fact I am coming out of the dark winter months and my creativity is at a annual high? Is it that all of the pressure of the academic year is coming to a great crescendo now?

What I’d like to be able to do.

I’d like to be able to post weekly here about things I have learned and thought of recently. Mostly professionally and occasionally personally.

I used to blog on neu-thinking as a trainee teacher, not realising I would go on the spend a lot of time teaching about Von Neumann and his architecture.

I lost that ability to reflect and develop, and I lost excitement for work for a long time. I worked in a school that had their own characters and flaws. I moved to a school that has it’s own character and flaws still. I’m slowly learning I can only control some of what happens in my life. I can use some stoic thinking to try and not let this drive me crazy too.

I can look out and see some great role models, from Bruce Lee to Jesus. All with their own lessons and ways to look at things. All with ways to use perception as a tool. Not to be blindly running but to take time to stop and eliminate some of the hurry in life.

If I want to continue with blogging then I need to practice what I preach. If I am saying that I need to consistently write, then I need to make sure I do. I’m aiming for a minimum of 500 words a post.

The seasons of an academic year

I think the seasons of the academic school year are a pattern that takes time to appreciate. The shiny newness of September, when all are well rested from a Summer break and motivation and determination are at an all time high. To the cold, dark wet November when Christmas seems a long time away and standards are starting to slip, energy is low and motivation is rapidly diminishing.

January is another chance to start again and bring back that enthusiasm, but it’s still so dark by 4pm. April bring 2 weeks for Easter. Working in a Catholic School this is always a good time, but recently it’s been hard work to get there with a smile on my face. After Easter it’s the mad rush up to exam season, revision, coursework the whole lot surging towards me.

Then early summer, exams are so close they are nearly over and the Summer break is on the horizon. My fitness regime comes alive again as I get more sleep and feel more rested. My eyes look to the sky and I feel satisfaction that I’ve done my best, I’ve worked my hardest, I’ve given my all.

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