New Year, New You!!!

New Year, New You!!!

I hate those sickly sweet mantras you see everywhere. Live, Laugh, Love. Positivity and smiles, Don’t worry everything is going to be alright. Mindless optimism. Hope for the best because you can’t cope with the worst.

Reality is that you can cope with the worse, but you will find it harder if you don’t prepare for it. This is why over this year, (especially this year) I’ve really been getting use from Stoic philosophy. There are some great resources for you to read and get into, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, or a simpler day by day book like The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.

The Jocko Podcast

Recently I’ve found Jocko Willinks podcast has really helped me keep things in perspective. When you compare the challenges of a US Navy Seal Combat Leader to a teacher with 32 unruly kid, it definitely puts things in perspective.

Also, the simple act of driving to work with no music, or podcast on a morning has really allowed me to take time with my thoughts, plan my day, and several times solve some niggling problems.

The Inspiration Station

I’ve got a corner in my classroom that I made last year. The Inspiration Station. Looking at it now it looks lame. 30 platitudes all printed in colour and on the wall. I need to replace it with one word. Good.

All your difficulties are opportunities for you to learn.

You had a bad lesson. Good, you get to practice your behaviour management. You have lots of paper work to do. Good, you get to analyse a part of your work that you might have missed. Your students just don’t get something. Good, you get to explain in a better way.


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