Careers Day

Careers Day

Teaching for 13 years is a long time. That means I’ve been teaching twice as long as I was in industry. Where does this leave me in terms of careers choices?

Software Training

I definitely have the soft skills for this sort of job, face to face I know I can, with confidence deliver material to users in a clear, understandable and non-condescending way. I think with experience, I would also be able to build my strategic knowledge about how software training, and specifically user feedback, can affect the development of a product and ongoing improvements.


Advanced Python programming is all fun and games for the A-Level Project but when it comes to a professional programmer I don’t think I really cut it! I had a phone interview for a Python Developer position but was hopelessly out of my depth on the technical questions. (note: find out what enumeration is). If this is a role I wanted I would really need to put some serious time into upgrading my skills.


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